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Superman Returns: The Superhero in YOU

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As a child (even now), I LOVED superheroes; I loved how they had cool powers, nifty gadgets, and great catch phrases: Batman had the batmobile, Superman had heat vision and could fly, Spiderman had his webbing, and Aquaman, well, could talk to fish ( I always thought he got the short end of the stick hero-wise). The fact is, the superheroes had unique abilities and traits that allowed them to be a credit for humanity.

Of all the superheroes, Superman was my favorite. I felt that he had it all; he could fly, had heat vision, super strength, and even icy breath. He was super fast, and strong, and who DIDN’T want to have a cape after watching Superman the movie?

The fact is, all the superheroes have the same attributes to make them heroes, and when you think about it, we ALL possess the ability to be a superhero (minus the heat vision). Here are the things that make a mild-mannered (insert your job here) transform into (insert your superhero name here):

1: A Call to Action: When you look at a superhero, something happened to make them take action; Batman had his parents murdered by criminals, so he dedicated his life to fighting crime, Superman wanted to help humankind, so instead of robbing banks, or committing crimes (which I’m pretty sure some people would do if they had the same powers), he decides to fight injustice. Find out what you are PASSIONATE about: homelessness, poverty, spousal abuse, education–whatever it is, find your issue, and start doing something about it.

2. Realizing the tools that you possess:  In terms of tools, Batman clearly wins in this department (followed by Iron Man, and Wonder Woman,  who had a friggin’ invisible jet!). Batman had the batmobile, the batarangs, the batcomputer- you name it, and Batman put a “bat” in front of it. Captain America had one item–shield, and he absolutely crushed people! Both heroes used what they had, and both were very effective. By realizing the tools that you have in your arsenal, you can achieve virtually anything you want to. Use the skills that you possess; for example, if you are a “people person”, use those relationships that you possess to help your cause, if you are an innovator, then work to figure out a plan to make things happen.

The Utility Belt: A must have for the Dark Knight….and handyman!

This is a difficult task for people; often we feel as though we are not able to do things that we assume are out of our control, when, in actuality, most things are IN our control! Issues at work?  In a relationship? On a housing project? People usually know what the issues are, and what would be a good solution, but they don’t feel as thought they are properly equipped to do something about it. Here’s a simple project: jot down the things you do well. Chances are, you are equipped with the tools to handle any situation. No utility belt needed!

3. Making it Happen!: Unfortunately, we live in a society where we sometimes look for others to do things ourselves: trash in your community? Instead of starting a trash removal committee, we may call the city to complain. Crime in your area? Have you started a neighborhood watch? We have various social platforms to express our dismay about things that are happening in our state, community, and even our homes, but do we often act on our issues? The truth of the matter is, the big organizations, companies, or politicians are not going to help you: What I mean is, the issues and concerns that YOU hold valid and true, may not be on the radar as far as what THEY feel as important. It is OUR responsibility to make things happen. There is no bat signal, or web crawler swinging through your neighborhoods, or a man in his underwear and tights flying around the night sky, but regular people, who can make changes. One day, as I was driving to work. I saw a man and son on a median strip, needing help. The family needed help in getting school supplies for school.  I felt so overwhelmed with the want to help, that I sped to work, and grabbed supplies and donations. I got online, and emailed my friends, who emailed their friends for help. When all was said and done, the youth had EVERYTHING he needed for this year, and even the next. I felt humbled to see people jump to action like that; we saw a need, and helped in abundance. The overwhelming support conformed what I already believed: if you want to find a hero, look in the mirror. Thanks for reading.

Ps. I wonder what Batman pays in insurance for the Batmobile? Sheesh!

Lets see if I can save 15% with THIS bad boy!


Written by Garry O'Neal Jr.

September 21, 2010 at 11:00 am

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