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The Decision: Who You REALLY Should be MAD With

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Tonight, most of us watched LeBron James play his former team in his former city which he just shitted on  “took his talents to South Beach”. Cleveland looked as though they were going to give LeBron the WORST heckling/taunting/booing/inappropriate chant fest EVER!( which they really didn’t, very disappointing) But when you really look at it, they were booing the wrong people. It wasn’t LeBron, or D-Wade, or even Bosh; the REAL people who should be booed, are the people who make up the front office of the Cleveland Cavaliers!

 I know! Crazy right? But really, when you think about it, it is the Cav’s fault that he left. I’ll explain:

The NBA is a business a performance based business, and in that business, you are constantly changing; the NBA went from “Bad Boys” with the Pistons, to “Run and Gun” with the Suns.  Power forwards and Centers now shoot three-point shots, and even teams like the Clippers seem somewhat relevant.  The fact is, in order to be a winner, a team must make the necessary changes for success.  What happened was Cleveland did not look at it as a business, but more like a family. They used things like these to convince LeBron to stay:



What the front office SHOULD have been doing was finding out what it would take for him to stay, instead of singing and dancing. They should have been signing some real talent- not Mo Williams, or Jamison, or even Shaq (even though he one of my favorite players), but top 10 players. They also should have talked to him and asked him who HE wanted there; then, they could have at least made it difficult for him to leave, but they didn’t.

The lesson here is simple: do not use emotions to fix problems. IT DOESN’T WORK! What people need to do is getting to the root of issues, and solve them. If you are presented with problems, don’t sugarcoat!  If someone brings you a plate of dog crap with sprinkles, sparklers, and a bow——-it’s still CRAP!  This situation happened to Kobe previously. The mere MENTION of Kobe leaving sent L.A. into a frenzy! (I was going to book a flight just in time for “L.A. riots 2”, so I can get a 65’ flatscreen) You know what the Laker’s front office did? They changed things around! They got better players, and next thing you know—-POW! championship rings!! So when you have issues with people in your life, deal with them, before they deal with you…..As always, thanks for reading.  (Ps. If this was Michael Jordan, he would have scored 79 points…seriously) (p.p.s.  38 points is good too…)


Written by Garry O'Neal Jr.

December 2, 2010 at 11:39 pm

3 Responses

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  1. damn straight. it’s unbelievable how crazy those fans are acting…i really can’t believe it. i understand fans are fans, but DAMN.
    and what you said about not using emotions to solve problems was spot on…bloke.


    December 3, 2010 at 1:56 pm

  2. LOL @ u for even bringing MJ into the picture. Just like most fans or those who don’t claim to be LeBron James aka King James aka Cleveland, Ohio aka ex Cleveland Cavs (I say this because he was the entire team and city) you really admire his talent and know he is playing on the same level that MJ was at the same age. Lebron was a child who has grown into a man right on the court in front of all those so called fans who can not respect the fact that he make his own decisions. Cleveland fans are only making him stronger and more aggressive to achieve and continue on his path to success. He played last night with “great sportsmanship”. He showed no hard feelings towards the city of Cleveland or the ex team mates. He came back and own the court once again. It was like going to a fine place to dine with your new girlfriend and enjoying the food, atmosphere, dancing to the music, and desert all while your ex sits and watch. Lebron danced all over that floor to music he liked and did not like (“music” meaning the booing chanting). I enjoyed see the racist coach Dan Gilbert sit a cringe as Lebron showed off once again. Cleveland fans left the stadium with even more anger as MIA beat the breaks off them.

    Shout out to the boy Lebron for choosing his own path to success and living with the choices made regardless of what another man may think. To all those who came before him and choose to try to degrade his choices based on your feeling I SMH (MJ,Barkley,Magic etc). He is a “MAN” and does not need the approval from some EX NBA players. Sit back and watch him do his thing and may I add handle his money at a early age not wait to he almost done and start trying to plan for a future all while giving back.

    Cleveland Fans are the Worst!!!

    Troy Speights

    December 4, 2010 at 7:33 am

  3. […] want the Miami Heat to win…I mean some people really disliked the Heat (I wrote about who fans should really be mad with). I was on Facebook, and one of my friends said “Juwan Howard just won a ring, REALLY??” I […]

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