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I have made a commitment to focus on my health, so I have decided to train using the popular exercise regimen P90X. If you are a fan of my blog , you see that I talk about making personal commitments to things that you want to do. I learned a lot when I went vegetarian for a while (click here for that story), and I think that in terms of my life, this is one thing that I have struggled with.

There is truth to the phrase, “it’s not what you eat, it’s what’s eating you”. I can be fully transparent and say that I have gained a lot of weight due to some things that have happened to me. As you will see, it’s easy to fall:

I remember when I went to Morgan State; I was in talks with the head coach, and he was  willing to give me a shot at walking on! Oh how I was ecstatic!! (even though they were like, 1-13, I didn’t give a damn, I was going to play!) It just seemed that my life was heading the way I dreamed! I MADE THE TEAM!! I was a walk-on, which means just that- I walked on, (no scholarship). I remember that when I started conditioning with the team, I was 250 lbs. Although the work was hard, I was happy.

Then, through some failed commitments, I was unable to stay. As a NCAA athlete, you can’t work, so I had to make a decision as to my future, and I had to support my family. I asked the coach if there was any way that I could get a scholarship and stay in a dorm. Unfortunately, there wasn’t one. I remember that day; I remember walking towards the bus stop, tears in my eyes. For me, the dream was over.

That’s when the eating began. chicken boxes, and cheesesteaks, and restaurants, and all the other foods were what I liked. I still played ball, but I was also eating. I had sedimentary jobs, which really didn’t have a lot of movement, and that contributed as well. Fast-forward a couple of years, and I am almost 100lbs heavier than I was when I started college.

I realize now, I have turned into a bear; I sleep HARD (I’m talking about ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ). I snore, and I have a gut now. I realize that this isn’t the way to go. Yeah, Buddha had a round belly, and so does Santa, but can they just go out to the beach when they want? Nope.

One of the damning moments was when my wife and I were walking around shopping. We came across this fat guy in his truck, and what appeared to be his son playing on the sidewalk. Here was the conversation:

Fat Guy in the Truck: “Hey, come on over here”

Kid on sidewalk: *side eye*

Now, when I saw that brief glimpse of the kid giving his dad the side eye, I KNEW WHAT THAT MEANT! What I interpreted it as:

Fat Guy in the Truck: “Hey, come on over here”

Kid on sidewalk: Yeah, or what?  Your fat ass is NOT going to get out of that truck and DO anything about it”

 As a new parent, I understand how vital it is for your actions to support your words. My son will not hear me talk about how health is important, if he sees me smashing Chocolate Juniors constantly. (Let me pause here…Chocolate Juniors are the 5th best thing to happen to pastries….I’m just saying)


My goals for this change of lifestyle are to:

  • Lose at least 30 Lbs
  • Increase muscular tone
  • Increase Cardio endurance
  • Decrease body fat
  • Be able rip my shirt “Hulkamania-style” at any given moment for any reason. I’m talking like:
    • ‘What do you mean Superman couldn’t beat Batman?! *Rips shirt*
    • The price of gas is TOO DAMN HIGH *rips shirt*
    • Why can’t the red-haired girl at least go out on at least ONE date with Charlie Brown?!! *rips shirt*
    • “There’s a rip in my shirt” *rips shirt

 I don’t look at P90X as the savior to my issue. It’s merely just one of the tools I plan on using to help me along as far as getting into shape. I think that what happens is that most people use things like P90X, and don’t plan for the future. That is a set up. P90X is only meant for 90 days, 180 if you want to extend it I plan on using other exercise programs to work on strength, cardio, and conditioning.


My initial start date is 05/02/2011. By the time you read this, I will have already secured all the necessary items.

I plan on posting the “before” and “after” pictures once I am finished the 90 day program. I am really excited, and I look forward to taking it to another level! As always, thanks for reading.

 PS. My stomach texted me “f*ck you”…..I guess he knows too………..



Written by Garry O'Neal Jr.

April 27, 2011 at 11:50 am

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