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A Toast to the Fathers

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Here is a toast to YOU….big guy!

                I remember when I first found out when my wife and I were having a baby; the movie we watched when it was time to look at the test results, and what I said to myself when it read “positive”; “here we go”. I remember all of the things associated with the arrival of my son, the doctor visits, the strict list of approved meals/food that could be brought into the house, the endless runs to subway for their pizza- I remember it all.  I remember how I felt as the sonogram person (I’m pretty sure she has a fancy title, but, eh.) informed us that we would be having a son, and when the doctor informed us in March that a baby would be coming, I remember saying to myself “here we go”.

Now, a year and some change later, my son is a small computer; able to process what he does not want, or want within .00032 seconds, and effectively communicate with me in the same time. I already realize my son will be better than me, simply because we are supposed to be better than our parents, for our parents put in the hard work for that TO happen. My son has already been able to use sign language at 1 (I didn’t start till I was 3). All of my decisions are now geared toward his success; all my sacrifices, all of my efforts, and achievements are designed so that he can one day say “my dad did this, so I can too”. For the fathers/dads/daddy’s out there (not the “sperm donors”, or dudes who aren’t around- I’ll get to you in a minute), realize that in a family structure, the dad is pretty much like the offensive/defensive line in football: our job is an endless, time-consuming, daunting task- we protect and assist to make sure that the QB is protected. Yes, you will be beat up from time to time, undervalued, and not appreciated at times, but  we are responsible for making sure our children grow up to be productive. As you will see tomorrow on the social media networks, people will have a lot of negative stuff to say about the males who helped in the creation of their child, from issues of not being there, or not contributing financially, it will indeed be an onslaught of harsh comments. If you fall under the category of one of ones they will be talking about, fear not fellow brethren, for this isn’t the place to bash you. Realize you can start being a part of your child’s life today- sure, there will be some issues that you may have to overcome, but you’ve heard of the adage about the journey beginning with a single step haven’t you? Of course you have. So get back to it, your kid(s) need you.

So to my peeps who have been there from day 1, tomorrow is a special occasion, sure, it’s not momentous as Mother’s Day, so don’t worry about it. Realize that your homemade cards, gifts, and the hugs from your children are the real gifts. So, tomorrow, raise your glass and give a “Mazel Tov” for the fathers out there; because we got to get back to work. Enjoy your day. We earned it.

Garry O’Neal Jr., Dad


Written by Garry O'Neal Jr.

June 18, 2011 at 8:44 pm

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