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They Lovin’ the Crew: Your Support System

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Most people did not want the Miami Heat to win…I mean some people really disliked the Heat (I wrote about who fans should really be mad with). I was on Facebook, and one of my friends said “Juwan Howard just won a ring, REALLY??” I thought, “he deserves it too.” If you look at his stats, they weren’t All-Star material, only averaging over 1 point, and 1 rebound a game, but he deserves it. Sure, LeBron James went to WORK, and Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh did their parts, but If you look at the playoffs, and what the role players have done, from Norris Cole and his high-top fade, Mario Chalmers getting yelled at every 24 seconds, to Mike Miller going crazy with hitting 3’s, they all can say that they deserved to touch that championship trophy. There were many times I would see the superstars defer to one of the role players, and would be baffled! But why should I have been? The role players are still PLAYERS, and they have an obligation to their team just like any one of the major players. Look at the joy and happiness of the faces of the players for Juwan when he was interviewed during the Heat celebration. If you can’t smile after seeing that, I don’t know what can.

The fact is, the superstars needed a great supporting cast to help them. Look at any film, any song, any sporting event, and I am pretty sure there were some great supporting actors, supporting producers, or role players that played like stars. Were the Oklahoma Thunder writing defensive strategies for Mike Miller? Probably not. Unfortunately, we saw what happened when the Thunder’s supporting staff didn’t show up.

As people, we all need a great support system. I recently wrote about my adventure zip lining. I needed my support system to get me to my goal-even when I told them to “shut up”, they still kept cheering me on. I really appreciated them for that. Often, the support system that you surround yourself with, often defines YOU. If you are hanging around with people that aren’t motivated, aren’t on the right path, chances are, you aren’t either.

Here are a couple things to reflect on in reference to your support system:

  1. Are they supporting you? This is a very critical question. There is a difference between offering advice or suggestions that may not be in agreement with what you are doing, and being critical. Are they saying it from a place of love, or negativity?
  2. Are they like minded as you? When you look at the Heat, did they seem to run on one accord? While I really liked the Oklahoma Thunder, I couldn’t help but cringe when I saw Russell Westbrook shoot more than Kevin Durant (OKC supporters will probably hit me with some stats that show that when Westbrook shoots more than Durant, they win more games. My reaction? I.DON’T .CARE.). The fact remains, if you and your support system aren’t on the same page, how can anything be accomplished?
  3. Are YOU helping THEM? When I saw the playoffs, I saw role players helping superstars, and superstars helping role players. The relationship you should have should be an equally beneficial relationship- not just “yes men”, or additional guests to your pity parties, but rather, people that can support you, motivate you, and be honest when you aren’t. If you have a great support system, thank them, if you feel like they aren’t, then I challenge you to shift, and surround yourself with one.

As always, thanks for reading,


Ps. I hope Steve Nash can get with a great support system. I really want him to win a championship before he retires. I asked him was he considering returning to the Phoenix Suns. Here is his reply.

2 Responses

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  1. Very TRUE Bro we all need a Great support system in life. For some its your family, wife, or friends. For others its the haters who hate that give them motivation. I always appreciate my support system. They help make me who Iam and give me the energy and resources to win!

    Troy Speights

    June 25, 2012 at 11:31 pm

  2. So True! Well-Written…


    October 1, 2012 at 9:34 am

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