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5 Lessons Learned from Polar Bear Plunging

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This weekend marked the 17th annual Polar Bear Plunge- a charity event sponsored by the Maryland State Police, where individuals take a “plunge” into freezing water (Sandy Point Beach in Maryland), with the proceeds going to the Special Olympics. This year was my first year as a plunger! It was an amazing event! Here’s what I learned:

  1. Great causes are a great motivator: Would I go jumping into a freezing body of water for NO reason? Of course not! But with the donations going to the Special Olympics, I didn’t have any issues spreading the word, getting donations, and taking a plunge!
  1. It’s bigger than ME: We all have our issues and obstacles, but I can say proudly and confidently that I have been blessed. It is very easy to become concerned about our own issues, our own affairs, and turn a blind eye to what happens in our country, our state, even our own communities. Often we turn to our politicians and state officials for answers, but we should ask ourselves, “What can I do?”
  1. Create an EXPERIENCE: Quick- what did you do last Tuesday? Can’t remember? (I’m pretty sure it was awesome) I won’t forget this entire experience- deciding to participate, getting donations, actually plunging- these images are permanently etched into my cortex. I have a couple of rules, but one that I hold dear, is called the “No ifs, ands, or buts” rule- simply put, if I ever become interested in something, I have to do it-no ifs ands, or buts about it. I am glad that I was able to create this experience.
  1. The U in Unity: It is great to get people on board with an idea. Some of the other members in our group (HEEBIE JEEBIES!!) already have participated in the plunge 2-3 times. It was awesome to connect with my friends, and thousands of other people who were there for the same reason. To really feel connected to other people is something that we all desire, and when we have it, it’s beautiful.
  1. Humanity is REAL:  We as people have seen some ugly things in our world, and it’s very easy to become skeptical about helping your fellow man. There have been things that have happened that could easily make you saddened at our state of affairs, shake your faith, and even question our own existence. As a team, we were able to raise $2,000 for the Special Olympics, which spoke VOLUMES about people and their willingness to help. To see people spring to action for something bigger than them really uplifted my spirits, and took the sting off of that icy water. We have seen our share of villains, but we also have witnessed our superheroes emerge as well. To those who donated, volunteered, and plunged, thank you.

As always, thanks for reading,


P.S. I’ll be returning next year, hopefully you’ll be there too!

P.P.S. Even Batman was there!



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